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Niagara-on-the-Lake Vacation Home

We both grew up in the Niagara area as children and returned many years later to get married in the town. We have always loved Niagara on the Lake and when we were moved to Europe in 2000 for Kerri’s career we searched for a home in the town that we could return to every summer and Christmas with our daughter. When we couldn’t enjoy Simcoe Pines ourselves, we offered it up for rent on the internet and before long we were fully booked. We came to realize there was a great demand for well-appointed vacation homes in the town. That lead us to purchase Aylesbury Manor in 2004, Amberlea House in 2005 and finally Avalon in 2006. We stopped there as we realized that if we want to be hands on and able to manage the homes personally, four was the maximum number. Our four homes are a labour of love!

We love decorating, collecting antiques, gardening and meeting our guests. We appreciate the town so much we have just recently moved here ourselves. Of all the cities and countries we have lived in, nothing compares to the beauty of Niagara on the Lake.